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Metro On-Call Community Relations

Los Angeles County, CA

The Sierra Group is providing On-Call Community Relations Services to the Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority (Metro) including:

Diverse and multi-lingual community outreach

High-quality graphics, video and creative services for collateral

Virtual meeting environments, meeting/event planning

Polling, website development, media relations support, social media engagement

Copywriting, printing/copying, interpretation, translation, management of stakeholder databases

Preparation of documentation of public outreach and input

The Sierra Group responds to immediate and longer term service needs upon project demand for materials, meetings, staffing, special events or public relations plan development.

Proof Points:

Metro has a $120 billion Expenditure Plan to ease traffic in

Los Angeles County. The Sierra Group conducted 12 Community Meetings to educate and gather public input. The Sierra Group documented and summarized over 1,500 public comments submitted in community meetings, letters, emails, and via social media included in a Metro Board of Directors Report that helped gain support for a sales tax measure on the November 2016 ballot.

As the Crenshaw/LAX Rail Line reaches halfway point of completion, The Sierra Group supported Metro Community Relations and Media staff in the planning, branding, logistics, event coordination and staffing of the highly successful and well-attended “Halfway There” Community Celebration. Music, art, dance and cultural talent, community resources, food and fun made for a day-long of celebration of the promise of local and regional transit access in near future!

Southern California Association of Governments

Regional Transportation Plan & Sustainable

Communities Strategy Outreach & Media Services

Los Angeles, Orange, Ventura, Riverside, San Bernardino, Imperial Counties, CA

The 2016 Regional Transportation Plan/Sustainable Communities Strategy (2016 RTP/SCS) is a major planning document for our regional transportation and land use network. It balances the region’s future mobility and housing needs with economic, environmental and public health goals. The Sierra Group is assisting SCAG to implement the RTP/SCS Public Participation Plan. Our team is responsible for development and implementation of outreach and media services to ensure that the public and interested parties are given early, meaningful and substantive opportunities to be involved in SCAG’s in the development of the RTP/SCS and support the decision-making of its governing body, the Regional Council.

Proof Points:

The Sierra Group helped SCAG to gain input from stakeholders in the 6-County SCAG region consisting of 191 cities. The 3-year outreach and media campaign includes public workshops, forums, public hearings, stakeholder meetings, multilingual informational materials, media relations and social media. The Sierra Group supported elected official and stakeholder outreach and participation in over 20 public workshops in diverse communities and many other outreach efforts leading up to the approval of the 2016-2040 RTP/SCS by the SCAG Regional Council

in April 2016.

As part of the development of the RTP/SCS, The Sierra Group helped SCAG to identify new groups and individuals to participate in Environmental Justice, Active Transportation, Public Health Working Groups and Poverty Summit Discussion Groups. Our team designed and facilitated meetings that helped shaped the RTP/SCS proposed policies and strategies.  And, as SCAG turned 50, The Sierra Group helped develop themes, topics and panels that celebrated the past and inspired the future vision of Southern California’s thriving and sustainable environment, economy and communities for over 800 attendees.

I-5 Construction Public Awareness Program

Los Angeles County, CA

The Sierra Group, in collaboration with Caltrop Communications, supports delivery of outreach services to the public regarding major capacity and safety improvements to the I-5 that moves people, vital goods and services through Los Angeles County. Our team delivers information to those impacted and the general public about the highway widening, bridge and ramp construction work in the field and using social media, website and email notifications.

Proof Points:

The Sierra Group conducts outreach to affected parties and commuters using door to door canvassing, hotline, information tables at community events and town halls and community meetings in the cities of Burbank, Santa Fe Springs, Norwalk and Downey.  We provide specialized communications and outreach to multilingual audiences and businesses. Responsiveness, awareness and local support has greatly increased even as has the intensity and impacts of construction has ramped up over the last two years since our team has been engaged by Caltrans.

Los Angeles County Parks Needs Assessment Public Education and Engagement

Los Angeles County, CA

Proposition A, the funding source that built over 2,000 parks in 20 years countywide, is ending. New parks and improvements to existing parks, especially, in high need areas, is the priority of the County Board of Supervisors who called for a Park Needs Assessment to be conducted in over 200 study areas and communities of high need and a plan to continue to build, maintain and improve parks and facilities for the health and well-being of people. The Sierra Group worked with Los Angeles County, its planning consultants, and the community in a developing a plan to continue to build, maintain and improve parks and facilities for the health and well-being of people.

Proof Points:

Engaging non-profits and community organizations as partners and facilitators to support community awareness need support of our team to help energize the community engagement and input process which included over 100 community workshops to identify 10 priority projects in each study area. The result? A $94-billion-dollar park expenditure plan consisting of 1,800 projects created from the ground up with community support.

Once the Parks Expenditure Plan and Ballot Measure were ready for presentation to the Board of Supervisors for approval, our team worked to educate the community. Our team organized and mobilized elected officials, church and school leaders, seniors and youth groups and social and environmental justice groups to write letters and attend the Board’s meeting register their support for the Parks Plan and Ballot Measure.  The Measure was approved and will be on the November 2016 ballot.







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