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Service, teamwork, results. The Sierra Group team stretches beyond project and client expectations using the talents, capabilities, experience and the intuitive perspectives of our professionals to achieve desired results you can trust.  No matter the size and complexity of the project or issue, The Sierra Group provides our clients with nothing less but the best people to bring about success.

Rebecca V. Barrantes, President

Rebecca embodies the company’s business vision and core values. She manages project delivery and client satisfaction systems and leads inspired team work. Her strategic counsel is sought by clients to guide public involvement for planning/entitlement, environmental, design, construction efforts and public relations campaigns.  Ms. Barrantes has designed outstanding community outreach and public engagement campaigns for the largest transportation, public works and parks programs in the U. S. and many residential and commercial/retail developments throughout California. Enjoying National Parks is her passion.  50 more to go on her bucket list.

Glenda Silva, Outreach Manager

Glenda understands communities. She specializes in public education and outreach and has a strong understanding of diverse stakeholder groups. She has been involved coalition building, strategic planning, public policy making, media relations, and government service. She acts as a liaison between local elected officials, State, and various constituencies. She has led outreach efforts for transportation and public works projects in Latino, Asian, and African American communities and has working experience with the CEQA and NEPA process. She is bilingual in Spanish oral and written communications. She currently serves as Commissioner for the City of Los Angeles Department of Transportation (in her spare time).

Erik Hernandez, Outreach Coordinator

Erik supports many projects with a spectrum of leadership, communications, and planning skills. His talents make sure that the tactical and logistical components of our projects are seamless, smooth and effective. He manages and coordinates outreach meetings and events, develops use of social media, virtual meeting and public interactive technology and tools and writes and designs informational materials. He is excellent at engaging the public at information and display tables and in one-on-one interaction. He is Erik is our resident expert on how to not use a car to get where you need to go.  He is a Downtowner. Of course.

Alma Villegas, Outreach Specialist

Ms. Villegas specializes in public outreach, cultural arts, and special events. She is bilingual and has excellent interpersonal and communications skills, particularly with sensitive and complex project stakeholders and groups. She also has expertise in development of informational materials, graphics presentations, research, database management, report writing and outreach planning and logistics.  Computer proficiency in PowerPoint, Excel, Word, Photoshop, Illustrator. She has worked on several Metro, Caltrans and water-related projects and studies. But, her real love is art and music. She is involved in a non-profit that promotes art and music in the community.

Rounding Out Our Team

When projects or issues call for targeted or strategic public or stakeholder outreach, we call on these well-known, trusted, experienced and connected specialists to round out our team and provide needed resources for success.

Laura Santos, Latino and Environmental Community Outreach & Organizer

Ms. Santos has more than 30 years of experience in community and grassroots outreach and organizing. She has spent much of her career working in communities of need to address equity and justice issues in education, health, poverty, water, and access to parks and open space. Ms. Santos possesses the strong skills in building strong working relationships with leaders, recruiting and engaging stakeholders, and volunteers. She specializes in developing strategies that inform, educate, build support, and generate a call to action. She serves as a Trustee on the Board of Mt. San Antonio College and formerly was a Board Member on the Bassett Unified School District.

Joy Atkinson, Outreach Specialist, African American Community

Joy Atkinson specializes in developing and implementing community outreach programs in the public and private sectors. She supports public relations, public affairs and administrative services on our project teams. Until November 2010 she served as a consultant with the California Legislature for the Speaker's Office of Member Services, specializing in outreach to the African American press and community at large, consulting with the Clergy Alliance, and coordinating activities and meetings with women leaders. Joy’s work reflects a family legacy of community service, leadership and activism. She is currently appointed by the LA Mayor to the Board of Neighborhood Commissioners.

Marlene Thomas, Outreach & Organizer, Imperial County

Marlene is known as an effective community grass root organizer with formal education in social science and extensive experience working effectively with culturally diverse groups and building collaborative with community, nonprofit and government in Imperial County. She performs as a liaison between community programs, and services within the community that help improve the quality of life for all. Her work has forged project success strategies through partnerships with private and public entities that create business, employment opportunities through community investments, workforce development, training and economic development. We love working with Marlene because she is tirelessly committed to her work and just a really nice person.






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