We get the work done that is most important to you with creative, inclusive and transformative communications strategies, services and tools.


Our team works to connect you to community leaders, stakeholders and the media to create awareness and understanding  of a project or issue as part of a process to gauge opinions, identify solutions and opportunities for change.


Typical engagements we service include an Environmental Impact Reports/Environmental Impact Statements, Site Plans, New Programs or Services, Ballot Measures or Initiatives. Our team identifies relevant opinion and thought leaders, interest groups and impacted parties. We gather and document all comments and points of view needed to get to the next steps in planning, entitlement, design, construction or implementation process.


Our services include:


Leadership Council Development and Support

Stakeholder Briefings and Interviews

Partnership Building

Media Relations and Materials

Messaging and Talking Points

Speakers Bureaus

Public Comment/Testimonial Coordination and Documentation

Targeted Mailers, Notices and Ad Placement

Street Team or Intercept Surveys


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Women’s Business Enterprise National Council


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Los Angeles County

City of Los Angeles

Small Business Enterprise (SBE)

Los Angeles Metropolitan Transportation Authority

Port of Long Beach

Los Angeles Unified School District


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