We get the work done that is most important to you with creative, inclusive and transformative communications strategies, services and tools.


An industry leader for more than 20 Years, The Sierra Group provides community outreach, public engagement and advocacy services to public and private sector clients to get the work done that is most important to them.


Communities, the marketplace, and technology are in constant change and so is your audience. Everybody is listening, looking for information and ways to express their thoughts, share images and ideas – all the time.


Now more than ever clients come to us to help them find more ways to listen, understand  and engage their audience. We develop messaging, media and outreach solutions that produce awareness, understanding, discussion, partnerships, constituencies and coalitions as a basis for collaboration, participation and change.


We work in the areas of parks and open space, transportation, water, power, energy, land use, public works and many other types of programs, services and initiatives. Our clients entrust us to engage the public, media, community leaders and stakeholders to communicate needed information, gather opinions and ideas and use that input to move forward.


We thrive on integrity within our firm and with our clients, employees and partners. We value their trust  in everything we do.


The Sierra Group is a locally and nationally certified, industry recognized DBE, WBE and SBE firm that teams with firms of any size to create economic opportunity and successful project delivery.


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Huntington Beach, CA 92647


Tel: (562) 322-2072





Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE)

Los Angeles Metropolitan Transportation Authority

California Unified Certification Program


Woman-Owned Business Enterprise (WBE)

Women’s Business Enterprise National Council


Local/Small Business (L/SBE)

Los Angeles County

City of Los Angeles

Small Business Enterprise (SBE)

Los Angeles Metropolitan Transportation Authority

Port of Long Beach

Los Angeles Unified School District


Licenses and Registrations

California State Department of Industrial Relations

City of Los Angeles Business License

City of Whittier Business License